I want a Paternoster Gang tv show as much as the next fan. But in terms of finding out how Vastra and Jenny met and fell in love (in between bank robbery and mystery solving) what about:

Paternoster Row: THE MUSICAL…

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Pain is trying to colour in a ridiculously detailed drawing with pencil crayons that are broken in about 156 places. 


It’s actually kind of upsetting that I’ve lost all written creative flair in about 4 years. All English lessons just seem to be language analysis. 

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RULE 1) Always reblog the rules. ALWAYS!

RULE 2) Answer the questions the person asked you and write 11 NEW questions.

RULE 3) Tag 11 people and link them to this post (sorry, totally gonna ignore this one)

RULE 4) Actually tell them that you tagged them (Uh…)

Aaaaand I was tagged by rosa-parks-her-bus. So yeah. 

1) What would you name your first child?

Well I wasn’t planning to ever have a child, but…uhh…Cynthia? Mainly because the Pokemon Champion with that name is amazing is so many different ways. 

2) Would you go on a date with the person who tagged you?

No. Don’t take it personally, I wouldn’t with anyone, really. 

3) Who do you miss most of all?

Who? I’m not really missing anyone, at all. Maybe my old Art teacher, because my current one has been slowly giving me a 4-year headache. 

4) What is your biggest dream/ambition?

I don’t really have one NOW that’s that big (eh, become a video games graphics designer) but I used to want to visit the Moon. I went through a werewolf obsession phase, so yeah. 

5) What is your biggest regret?

Not listening to any music for about 3 years straight. I don’t know how, but I somehow did that. 

6) What would your drag queen/king name be?

(They have aliases? That’s news) Uhh…Flipper. Someone used to call me Flipper (not my choice) and now my sub-conscience forces me to react when called that. 

7) Who is your favourite Jonas Brother?

……Who are the Jonas Brothers?

8) What is the best TV show you’ve ever seen?

Mainly because I watch a minimal amount of TV in general, I’m gonna go with the second of the (wait for it) two TV shows I’ve watched: Orphan Black. 

9) What is the most influential album you have ever listen to?

Ooh, it’s a tie between Metallica’s Black album, or Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell. I’m gonna go with Meatloaf. 

10) What is your favourite musical?

Les Miserables. And that’s only because of the film version. Sorry. 

11) How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck, if a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

Well (*elbows clunk on table*)…There are a lot of contributing factors. We already know it has the ability to do so, but does it want to ‘chuck’ wood? In the wild, do you really want to waste all your energy repetitively chucking wood to a point of ridicule? Is it a healthy woodchuck? Is it tired? Hungry? Old? All its respective limbs? Has it got a motive, like the danger of getting consumed? What’s the weather like? Wood’s harder to work with when it’s soggy, or if it’s on fire. Is it trying to attract a mate? Is there enough wood in the area to supply for its capabilities? Is it even a wild woodchuck, with no humans gawking at it?

You can’t just predict something like this. 

Okay, now that that’s over, I have to post my own questions. Great. I’m going to put them as one big paragraph because I’m tired of hitting the enter button and I don’t want to make this excessively long (never mind then).

And one last thing. Eleven people are a lot of people to tag. So invite yourselves along. People will never know if you didn’t want to/didn’t have the time/was leading a revolution if you were never dragged along, yeah?

What’s your favourite colour? If you got turned into a cat for a day, what would you do? What’s your favourite saying (quote or whatever, I don’t mind)? What number looks the most aesthetically pleasing to you? Do you even like these tag things that go around? Name the most random sentence of lyrics you can right now (Bohemian Rhapsody is excluded, sorry). Spheres or cubes, and why. Are you a microscope person or a telescope person? Are you the sort of person to buy in-game stuff in an app? Sellotape or glue, and why? Roughly, how big was the last mango you ate? 

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Brb laughing to death

I’m surprised this doesn’t have more notes.


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when i find myself in times of trouble

the 12th doctor comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


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No but the 'I told you before, take the stairs' bit. Sounds like they’ve done the fancy spinning thing before…and I bet they’ve practiced it at home too or something.

First of all, I’m imagining where*.

And then how that turned out the first time. 

You can already see an over-protective Vastra padding up Jenny ridiculously, muttering something about ‘fragile apes’. 

(And Strax must have failed every attempt. The evidence is all there)

*On further (assisted) speculation, I think they would’ve taken advantage of their high ceilings and chandeliers. With the curtains drawn, of course.

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↳ Vastra and Jenny: looks

And I never want to hear anybody say that their relationship is weird or unsafe or any other stupid thing that crosses the mind of all of those who simply do not want to aknowledge this amazing couple. You only have to look at the way they look at each other or search for the other throughout the episode to see the deep bond that binds them. Thank you Catrin and Neve for giving us a so clearly loving couple having fun teasing each other.

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